Our technology partner Fortinet is a global giant of cybersecurity and provide integrated, high-performance data security technology. Fortinet supplies the industry’s broadest range of enterprise firewalls which provide segmentation and orchestration from branch to data centre to cloud.

With Fortinet we provide:

  • Real time visibility across all devices and applications.
  • Security solutions that won’t compromise performance.
  • Coverage and visibility of the entire data attack surface.
  • Detection and mitigation of internal security breaches.
  • Overall awareness of security events down to end point level.
  • Detection and prevention of threats at the network perimeter.
  • Synchronisation of security resources to enforce policies.
  • Visibility, correlation, automated response and remediation in a single, scalable solution.
  • Broad protection and visibility to every network, segment, device and appliance.

The Fortinet range of cybersecurity technology incorporates:

  • Endpoint telemetry, which includes user identity, protection status, risk scores, unpatched vulnerabilities, security events, and more.
  • Sharing of real-time updates to help stop threats at the origin and subsequent immunisation across the entire organisation.
  • Multiple inspection engines, threat intelligence feeds and advanced attack protection options to defend against unknown risks.
  • Intuitive security management and reporting to keep Fortinet’s Security Fabric tuned to your optimal security posture.
  • Cross correlation, applying machine learning and UEBA to improve response and to stop breaches before they occur.
  • Purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic.
  • Flexible deployment from the network perimeter to the core, data centre, internal segment, and into the Cloud.
  • Threat protection, SSL inspection, and ultra-low latency for protecting internal segments and mission critical environments.
  • Reducing complexity with automated visibility into applications, users and network and providing security ratings to adopt security best practices.
  • Automated visibility into cloud applications, IoT devices and automatically providing an end–to-end topographic view of the IT estate.

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