At Assure APM, we have over 140 combined years of experience working in the IT industry; this experience represents an enviable focused knowledge pool. Our consultants are experts in the field of Cybersecurity, Applications Performance Management, Network Performance Management and user Experience management and optimisation.

We utilise a selection of class-leading technologies from, Illumio. Colortokens, Aternity and Riverbed. We design and deploy bespoke solutions meeting the exacting requirements of our clients. We have a deep understanding and expertise with a wide range of technologies. Added to our technology expertise, our wide-ranging industry experience ensures we provide solutions that add value and provide wide-ranging benefits to our clients’.

Assure portfolio-

  1. Segmentation Cyber-Security cloud-delivered managed services
  2. Cloud delivered end-user experience optimisation
  3. Traditional IT security consultancy
  4. Cloud delivered application intelligence forensics
  5. Network Performance Monitoring Technology and Software

The five elements identified above can be provided individually or in any mix, dependent on the client requirement.

Our approach is first to have detailed scoping discussions with our client and then produce a bespoke proposal to fulfil their needs. We then work closely with the client to deploy the solution. It should be noted,  access to the client site is not typically required which means we can provide solutions even during Covid 19 restrictions to on-site access.

Benefits to our IT solutions:

  • We provide a complete solution for ensuring all users, especially home workers, are having the best possible user experience.
  • We provide a generic real-time analysis of the relative performance of all the interconnecting components of business IT deployment. From the end-user device whether it be a tablet, hand-held, mobile device, or desktop through the entire infrastructure – Client, Network, Server, Application, virtual, Database to the application code and every step on the way. We can also incorporate the monitoring of cloud services.
  • We offer a comprehensive solution for cybersecurity using segmentation and micro-segmentation technology. Allied with these class-leading disruptive technologies, we provide traditional cybersecurity technologies and services.
  • The Assure solution is a critical component of a ‘Zero-Trust’ security strategy.
  • Our solutions seek out and eradicate out and the hidden illegal phisher and hacker.
  • Provides absolute visibility, control, and security across the entire enterprise.
  • We offer pro-active identification of future problem areas, helping to ensure users are provided with the best IT service possible.
  • We offer solutions that provide you with auditable performance metrics which will help hold cloud and service providers to account.
  • Optimises and provides data for budgeting precision, ensuring helping to ensure there is no spend on unnecessary technology.
  • The metrics derived from our solutions provide a sound basis for making future strategic and tactical decisions for technology and the related investment.

Our business is focused on addressing complex client requirements in clear, cost-effective deliverables. We will not over-promise, and we will deliver.

Doug More, CEO, Assure APM