How you benefit

To help you get maximum ROI from your IT infrastructure, our certified consultants will work with you to implement a secure, unique and innovative technology solution based on openness, honesty and transparency.


Ensure your IT estate is working as expected on a micro and macro level. Giving you full control of your entire IT estate from a single place, our solution empowers both IT professionals and management, providing the information they need in a language they understand.


In partnership with security innovator Illumio we enforcement capabilities in assets that already exist in your data centre and cloud. We deliver the right segmentation capabilities, from coarse-grain to granular, without adding any new hardware or dependency on the network or hypervisor to ensure that your security policies always stay in place.


Our groundbreaking solutions give you round-the-clock visibility of your IT estate, saving you time and user frustration. Our solution lets you know exactly how your IT is performing, informing you of both current and predicted problems, and exactly where those problems are.


We help you develop a collaborative culture across users, management, partners and suppliers. Avoid firefighting or finger-pointing and ensure you have a more effective and productive IT system that drives business growth.

Supporting Executive Management

We understand that Executive Management wants to see evidence that business investment is secure and is translating into improved performance and a great end user experience. Assure provides extra peace of mind for the non IT executive that their information technology environment is as safe and secure as possible. Assure also provides timely, transparent performance reporting on the IT estate to senior executives or board members in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Through a combination of online reports and regular, automated dashboard reports, we help you better understand your return on investment.

Support for IT Professionals

For those working at a more granular level, we provide detailed, real-time reporting on server, application and network performance across the entire IT estate. As a result, your technicians can audit, baseline, secure and optimise IT delivery on an ongoing basis, anticipating issues before they become problems, and extracting maximum performance. We utilise Advanced Performance Management Technologies from Riverbed, Segmentation technologies from Illumio and DDoS guard technologies from ARBOR, plus the skill and knowhow of our experienced consultants.