Benefits of our solutions

Our cyber security solutions provide home workers, office workers and mobile workers with the best possible user experience improving productivity and reducing costs. You will benefit from 'zero-trust' cyber security, optimising the protection you have against devastating cyberattack.


Ensure your IT estate is working as expected on a micro and macro level. Giving you full control of your entire IT estate from a single place, our solution empowers both IT professionals and management, providing the information they need in a language they understand.


From precisely planning a complex high-risk change to identifying potential, hackers, phishers or treats from insiders, Assure solutions provide you with absolute visibility of your IT. We help save resource time, help increase productivity and help save money.


Assure provides a Zero-Trust cybersecurity overlay that will protect valuable data and automate many of the manual resources that are traditionally required. Our solutions help speed the on-going change process and at the same time de-risk human error.

Working from Home

In these unprecedented times, a large proportion of the workforce is likely to be permanently home-based. Our solutions offer detailed round-the-clock visibility of your users IT wherever they are located, saving time and improving user-experience and productivity.


We help you develop a collaborative culture across users, management, partners and suppliers. Avoid firefighting or finger-pointing and ensure you have a more effective and productive IT system that drives business growth.

Accelerate Business Change

Our It solutions quickly provide the underlying data you need to make business change decisions. Our solutions provide robust and comprehensive auditable statistics that will enable you to make change decision based on fact with no guesswork involved.

Supporting Executive Management

We understand that Executive Management wants to see evidence that business investment is secure and is translating into improved performance and a great end-user experience. Assure solutions offers extra peace of mind for the non-IT executive that their information technology environment is as safe and secure as possible. Our solutions also make sure that you provide all users, especially home-based users, with the best possible productive environment for doing their job. We provide timely, transparent performance reporting on the IT estate to senior executives and board members in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Through a combination of online reports and regular, automated dashboard reports, we can help you better understand the return on your investment in IT.

Support for IT Professionals

For security teams, support teams, development teams and teams looking to create the best possible experience for their end-users, we offer a unique set of integrated world-class, vendor-independent tools. Our Aternity End User Experience and Application Performance tools combine on the same integrated portal with our Riverbed Network Performance Monitoring tools. These toolsets will provide you with a holistic vendor-independent view of virtually every aspect of your IT from high level to deep dive. Our Illumio ASP (Adaptive Security Platform), zero-trust security offering secures any computing platform (bare-metal servers, virtual machines, and containers) in any environment (data centre, private cloud and public cloud – like Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack – or hybrid cloud) without any dependency on the underlying network.

Key benefits include:

  • Eliminate blind spots inside data centres and the cloud and regaining control of your application environment.
  • Protect the 80 per cent of data centre and cloud traffic that is invisible to perimeter firewalls.
  • See potentially vulnerable connections: prioritize patching and inform micro-segmentation policy.
  • Immediately detect unauthorized activity and stop breaches in their tracks.
  • Eliminate service delivery delays and deploy applications with security in hours versus days to weeks.
  • Decrease the number of firewall rules inside the data centre by over 95 per
  • Make your investments in security detection solutions more effective by reducing investigations of unauthorized communications.
  • A single solution to protect your applications running in bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized environments on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid cloud deployments.