Illumio has developed adaptive micro-segmentation technology that prevents the spread of breaches inside any data centre or cloud.


Working with Illumio we can:

  • Help you deliver business agility, flexibility and security to your business.
  • Move Apps quickly and easily from ‘data centre – cloud’, ‘cloud – cloud’ and ‘cloud – datacentre’ with all your security policies intact and moving with the applications.
  • Automatically generate comprehensive Application dependency maps identifying highways, A roads and B roads and undocumented shortcuts.
  • Minimise the complexity, resource impact and cots of continual firewall configuration.
  • Help you rapidly comply with legislation e.g. Swift, PCI-DSS, GDPR and ISO27000.

This is achieved by:

  • ‘Micro” and ‘nano’ segmentation technology which provides protection for workloads without disrupting business activities.
  • We isolate unnecessary paths between workloads.
  • Dramatically reduce the potential for lateral (east-west) movement of malicious intruders.
  • Provide the ability to rapidly quarantine potentially compromised workloads but retain access to allow for forensic investigation.
  • Hypervisor independent, Physical or Virtual servers, it makes no difference.
  • No requirement for costly or complex firewall implementation.
  • Use four categories of labels to simply define large numbers of similar workloads by Role (Web, Database), Application (HR, PCI), Environment (Production, Development) and Location (UK, US, Cloud).
  • Enables you to write simple but powerful rules using labels without the need to understand IP addressing.

For more information and to arrange a demo or a free trial, visit the Illumio home page.