• Illumio provides an accurate real-time Application Dependency Map of your SWIFT/PCI application.
  • It segments your SWIFT/PCI applications from the rest of the business applications
  • Provides real-time visual and historically auditable validation of the segmentation of the application

Illumio provides all this without having to invest in expensive or complex hardware or making changes to the infrastructure of the network.

illumiios illumination dashboard

Servers or Workloads are defined using labels that correspond to the device:

  • Role (Web, Database etc.)
  • Application (Active Directory, Payments, Back Office etc.)
  • Environment (Production, SWIFT UAT, PCI DEV etc.)
  • Location (London, US; Amazon, Azure etc.)

Creating effective policies in Illumio couldn’t be simpler. Segmenting your infrastructure is done with human-readable policies that leverage the labels to allow powerful yet simple rulesets.