Illumio has developed adaptive micro-segmentation technology that prevents the spread of breaches inside any data centre or cloud.

“We had spent a huge amount of effort scouring the market and assessing the options to identify the best solution to address our network segmentation needs.  We then discovered Illumio ASP and after an enlightening and very successful PoV with AssureAPM,  it became quickly clear that Illumio was the best solution to accomplish our micro-segmentation goals”.

Colin Lennox, Head of Technology and Service Delivery – Baillie Gifford

Working with Illumio we can:

  • Help you deliver business agility, flexibility and security to your business.
  • Move Apps quickly and easily from ‘data centre – cloud’, ‘cloud – cloud’ and ‘cloud – datacentre’ with all your security policies intact and moving with the applications.
  • Automatically generate comprehensive Application dependency maps identifying highways, A roads and B roads and undocumented shortcuts.
  • Minimise the complexity, resource impact and cots of continual firewall configuration.
  • Help you rapidly comply with legislation e.g. Swift, PCI-DSS, GDPR and ISO27000.

This is achieved by:

  • ‘Micro” and ‘nano’ segmentation technology which provides protection for workloads without disrupting business activities.
  • We isolate unnecessary paths between workloads.
  • Dramatically reduce the potential for lateral (east-west) movement of malicious intruders.
  • Provide the ability to rapidly quarantine potentially compromised workloads but retain access to allow for forensic investigation.
  • Hypervisor independent, Physical or Virtual servers, it makes no difference.
  • No requirement for costly or complex firewall implementation.
  • Use four categories of labels to simply define large numbers of similar workloads by Role (Web, Database), Application (HR, PCI), Environment (Production, Development) and Location (UK, US, Cloud).
  • Enables you to write simple but powerful rules using labels without the need to understand IP addresses.

For more information, or to arrange a demo or a free trial please contact us.