About Us

Assure APM

Our vision

We believe that the innovative application of machine intelligence can cost-effectively transform the end-user experience in any organisation. We deploy automation to deliver unique cybersecurity protection and deliver the best user experience for your colleagues in the workplace, remote and home working setting. We have built a range of managed performance and cyber-security solutions that provides your organisation with proactive defence against the myriad of risks and threats constantly evolving in the cyber world.

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Assure APM

Our Solution

We design and deploy bespoke managed services from our portfolio of cloud-based solutions for Homeworking optimisation and Zero-Trust Security.
Management team

Highly-skilled, committed team with years of experience

Doug More - CEO
Doug has wide-ranging IT expertise built over a long career, from R&D at Edinburgh University to CEO of IT Managed Solutions businesses, working with both private and public sectors. Doug's central principle is to always deliver on promises.
Alex Lamont - Business Support
Our “safe pair of hands,” Alex has been involved in a range of administrative functions through the years and she contributes to our management of operations.
Stuart Gibson - Director
Stuart is an experienced finance professional and has been a director with a number of telecoms and media companies.
Neil Anderson - Director of Security Services
A highly qualified security and network consultant, Neil has more than a decade of cybersecurity experience. His expertise covers a wide range of technologies, with a focus on next-generation network and data centre security. Neil is an Illumio Certified ASP Professional and Certified Trainer. Illumio is our security technology partner providing Zero-trust Cybersecurity technology.
John Waddell - Chairman
John has a long and successful career in guiding and advising companies.
Simon Bennett - Principal Consultant
A leading consultant with 15 years of experience in various aspects of IT, including application and end-user performance management, networking and information security. Simon is an Illumio Certified ASP Professional and is an Illumio Certified Trainer. Illumio is our security technology partner providing Zero-trust Cybersecurity technology.

How do we do it?

We utilise a selection of class-leading technologies from, Illumio. Colortokens, Aternity and Riverbed. We design and deploy bespoke solutions meeting the exacting requirements of our clients. We have a deep understanding and expertise with a wide range of technologies. Added to our technology expertise, our wide-ranging industry experience ensures we provide solutions that add value and provide wide-ranging benefits to our clients’.

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