Securing and transforming IT performance


AssureAPM have been awarded supplier status on the Scottish Government ESPD framework, ‘The Internet of Things’.

Trading activity is due to start at the end of August..…….. read more


At AssureAPM we provide your business with a rapidly deployable, cost-effective selection of ICT security and management solutions for regulatory compliance, segmentation and detection of fraud in the datacentre, cloud and at the point of consumption, the end user.

Our solutions cover the cloud, data centre and deliver on many aspects of regulatory compliance. We also protect your data against often debilitating insider threats. Our partners, Zonefox, Riverbed, Illumio and Fortinet, provide the tools to create a uniquely robust and efficient data environment.

The combination of Illumio, Riverbed, Fortinet and ZoneFox aligned with our specialist skills uniquely give AssureAPM the tools to deliver cost-effective security across the datacentre, cloud and end-user community.

We believe that the innovative application of digital automation can transform end-user experience in any organisation.

We strive to overcome the existing barriers in traditional IT to provide bold, creative and proactive solutions.