Assure APM – Illumio’s first Partner of the Month

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Announcing our first Partner of the Month: Assure

One of our first partners in the UK and now a Gold Partner – we’re excited to spotlight Assure as our inaugural Partner of the Month. Assure provides world-class support to customers facing issues with cybersecurity.

We connected with Doug More, CEO at Assure, to learn…more about Assure!

Tell us a bit about Assure’s business.

Assure is a UK-based specialist offering two highly valuable specialist services: world-class cybersecurity services with Illumio and APM with Riverbed.

What cybersecurity challenge is at the forefront for your clients today?

Cybersecurity, including regulatory compliance like SWIFT, GDPR, and PCI, using traditional technologies has become impractical. Our clients are looking for solutions that are less resource-intensive and are quick to deploy.

What drove your partnership with Illumio?

Via innovation, trendsetting, and field-leading, Illumio is fast becoming the world-beating provider of micro-segmentation solutions for data centres and clouds. We want to get on board that train to help our customers, many of whom are migrating to the cloud or are already there, optimize their business both in security and performance.

Your team has been awesome. Give us your “awesome company note.”

Assure thrives on overcoming challenges. We employ the best people around and without fail, we deliver on our promises. We have amazing customer relations which are based on our unswerving commitment to quality.

Cheers, Doug and the Assure team!

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