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Barchester Healthcare is one of the UK’s biggest independent care providers with 17,000 patients,11,000 staff and 200 care homes. For seven years, care home staff had lived with the intermittent slow down of one of its business applications. Although they had found ways to work around the issue, the problem would not go away and had interrupted workflow for years.

Over six weeks, Assure APM carried out detailed forensic analysis of the application and user experience. A number of application inefficiencies were found to be the root cause. These performance issues were experienced during certain event sequences, hence the intermittent nature of the problem.

Assure’s technology pinpointed exactly where the problem lay. Barchester provided detailed findings to the third-party application provider and a longer-term permanent solution is now being developed to eradicate the issue.

We had Assure come in for a few weeks to look into an application issue we had been unable to get to the bottom of for some time. The application performed very slowly for certain tasks and queries and was particularly acute at busy times such as month end. The software vendor would not accept their software was under-performing, pointing instead to the wide area network as the cause of underperformance.

Using Assure’s technology, we were able to pinpoint exactly where the problems lay within the application and this evidence was presented to the vendor. They have now accepted their software was inefficient and we are working closely with them towards a permanent solution. I am happy to recommend ‘Assure Troubleshooter’ to any organization looking to find the root cause of an ongoing undiagnosed problem.

Calum MacLeod, IT Director
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