Fortinet’s ZoneFox Acquisition – A Sound Strategy

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This week we heard that our good friends at ZoneFox have been acquired by one of the world’s biggest cyber security companies – Fortinet.As partners with both organisations, we at Assure are very excited by the possibilities that could stem from this acquisition, and it’s clear to us that it makes a great deal of strategic sense for Fortinet. The integration of ZoneFox technology into Fortinet’s existing endpoint technology will greatly enhance their play in that arena and if they take the next logical step to integrate the technology with their Security Fabric, we will see a leap in capability for both the overall security fabric’s awareness of events at the endpoint level, but also the possibility of blocking malicious behaviour from endpoints within the network as well. That’s before we begin to look at the possibilities of leveraging ZoneFox’s machine learning and AI expertise in the wider Fortinet technology portfolio.

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More immediately, it’s clear that the insider threat continues to play a big role in up to 30% of data breaches, according to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Just having the ability to detect new and potentially malicious or dangerous behaviours at the endpoint makes a massive difference to organisations and vastly reduces their exposure to internal threats. By combining this with the Fortinet’s network and endpoint security chops, customers will have a much better chance of detecting and mitigating an internal security breach.

At Assure, we pride ourselves on delivering well-rounded security solutions, using the best security tools that we can find – one of the many reasons we made the choice to partner with ZoneFox and Fortinet.

We believe that the recent addition of the Fortinet line into our security toolset also compliments our partnership with Illumio, the adaptive micro-segmentation solution. Whilst ZoneFox allows us to detect and respond to breaches at the endpoint, and Fortinet enables the detection and prevention of threats at the network perimeter, Illumio allows us to prevent the spread of breaches within the data centre and cloud by enforcing simple – but highly effective – security policies at the workload level.

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By combining all three of these leading security products, Assure can provide a simple, effective security solution that vastly reduces our customers’ exposure to cybersecurity threats.

For more details on our partners contact us directly or click here to visit our partner’s page.

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