The Scottish Government ITECS division, which is the heart of their IT operation, providing datacentre, network and voice services, makes extensive use of technology to offer an optimum productive environment to the Scottish Governments circa 15,000 users. The widespread use of technology to manage business-critical assets helps IT staff to be extremely productive.

Working closely with the ITECS, Assure developed a VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics) framework to help identify and address the specific requirements. VMOST helped identify the need for IT support personnel to be provided with more visibility and control of the IT user population.

Maintaining their close relationship with ITECS, Assure then designed a range of technology innovations incorporating Riverbed and Aternity ‘Network Performance Management’, ‘Application Intelligence’ and ‘End-User Experience’ solutions to address and fulfil these needs.

Assure’s long association with the Scottish Government has helped us to take a strategic view of their objectives. We have deployed technologies from Aternity and Riverbed. These technologies help to monitor and proactively manage their network, their applications and their end-user experience, helping them to maximise the efficiency of their human and technology resources.