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Research shows that Insider Threat is responsible for nearly three-quarters of security breaches, there’s not much doubt these days about how detrimental this type of threat can be to your company and its business-critical data – not to mention the adverse impact it can have on your brand’s reputation.

Yet one of the reasons this type of threat poses such a risk is the difficulty we have in being able to identify it. Do you know what it looks like? Could you spot one? Would you know what to do when you find one in your enterprise? ZoneFox do!

To support businesses looking to start tackling this most insidious of threats, our partners ZoneFox have created a comprehensive guide to help you identify potential insider risks, delivering a detailed overview of key insider profiles and taking a deep dive into motivations, actions and mitigation for each of them.

You’ll learn how to spot the various types of insider – from the disgruntled employee, to the innocent, the quitter planning on leaving your organisation, to the corporate spy – along with value-add insights into what to do once you’ve identified your threat – from assessing the damage to administering the appropriate consequences.

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