What we do

We give your IT staff the tools and information they need to provide secure operational efficiency, minimise costs, and deliver an outstanding end-user experience. You’re not just limited to troubleshooting; you can proactively manage performance issues. We offer an extensive suite of integrated performance management tools:

Adaptive Micro-segmentation Security (AMS)

Assure’s adaptive micro-segmentation technology from Illumio stops the spread of cyber threats inside any data centre and cloud. Assure lets you choose the level of segmentation that is right for your environment. We offer the widest range of options available without all the manual work normally associated with traditional segmentation.

Delivering the optimum ‘End user Experience’ through our Advanced Performance Management (APM) Service

Our single-source modular APM solution includes Applications Performance Management, Network Performance Management and User Experience performance monitoring. It is a unique suite of technology solutions offering unsurpassed monitoring and control of all the IT environment. It provides you visibility of your end user experience, network, infrastructure, applications, systems, database and cloud. Time and resources are saved and there is much less re-active troubleshooting resulting in a happy user community.

Trouble Shooter

Many organisations are plagued by intermittent or ongoing IT issues, causing frustration for users and organisations. Developed by Assure, our Trouble Shooter service leverages sophisticated technology to quickly identify the root cause of any problem, in any IT environment. Once clearly identified, the issue can be quickly resolved.

Health Check

Our Health Check will offer a snapshot view of every element of your IT estate. Armed with world-class Riverbed technology, we measure the peaks and troughs of user activity, pinpoint potential trouble spots and highlight dependencies. We look at the overall performance of an IT environment, typically across a six-week window, which can include cloud and web services.

Change Modeller

When organisations are experiencing change - upsizing, downsizing or introducing new systems – it is difficult to anticipate what the effect will be. The Change Modeller accurately predicts the exact requirements for your change process. When implemented in advance, it allows budgets to be precisely created, providing a clear model.

Growth Predictor

Our Growth Predictor addresses the perennial problem of predicting future IT requirements. New locations, more staff, additional products or services and new systems – each presents its own challenge. Save time and money, avoid user frustration and ensure productivity is optimised by allowing Assure to accurately predict IT requirements and support your growth plans.